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Attendance and Make-up Work Policy

1) Students who miss class for any reason or any length of time are responsible for all missed class notes, class work and assignments. Students who know beforehand that they are going to be absent, should let me know as soon as possible and I will try to provide them with their assignments in advance.

2) Students who return to class with a #1 or #2 marked on my computer will be given one day to make up missing assignments. These assignments are due the day after they return or are considered late(see rule 5 on late assingments). Students who are absent more than one day in a row also must turn in all assignments the day after they return unless they speak with me and make other arrangements. Students who return to class with a #3 or an unclearled remark on my computer are considered truant and will not be given extra time to make up assignments.

3) Students who arrive to class after the tardy bell rings will not be admitted without a tardy pass. All tardy students will be sent to the tardy room. Students sent to the tardy room are responsible for all missed class notes, class work and assignments and WILL NOT be given an extra day to make up any missed work, All students sent to the Tardy Room are expected to get their homework assignment from a classmate. Also, students sent to the Tardy Room will not be able to return to class unless they have a singed note from the Tardy Room teacher and any work given out at the Tardy Room.

4) Students who are absent from a Quiz, Exam or other in-class grades are responsible for contacting Mr. Sanchez to make arrangements to complete this grade. Class time is not usually given for this. Most make-ups are given during lunch or after school. Only students who have a #1 or #2 on my attandance computer will be given an opportunity to make-up these grades. Any student with a #3 or uncleared or do not show up or make arrangements with me for the make-up will receive a zero score.

5) Studens may turn late work in up to a max of 1 (one) week after due date. Any accepted late work will NOT receive full credit unless it was due to an illness or prior arrangements have been made with me (Mr. Sanchez). In such case a #1 or #2 must show up on my attandance computer!